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Cirrus Training Center



10 years of Cirrus training experience

10 years of Cirrus training experience

Interactive content and online training

Interactive content and online training

Cirrus standardized instructors

Cirrus standardized instructors

You will learn how to fly the safest plane in its category

We are the part of a worldwide network of certified Cirrus Training Center (CTC) facilities. We have an extensive team of TCI instructors with a rich aviation history and many years of training experience. We are a part of the Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) network of a professional flight instructors who are personally trained directly by the Cirrus Aircraft manufacturer. We provide highly standardized, efficient and safe training. We undergo regular re-testing every 6 months to ensure standardization. CTC undergoes an audit by Cirrus Aircraft and the CAA as well every 2 years. Are you you a seasonal pilot who wants to fly a Cirrus or dream of flying a technically advanced aircraft? Either way, we will provide you a highly expert approach and professional care.

Do you want to fly safely and comfortably?

We are the second largest certified PLATINUM CIRRUS TRAINING CENTER in Europe.

Why get your pilot licence with us?

Safety First & Premium Quality philosophy

Online theory training from the comfort of your home

Computer Based Database of theory test questions

Cirrus standardised syllabus to ensure perfect knowledge of systems

Easy extension for IFR instrument flights

Cirrus Standardized instructors with recurrent training twice a year

Scenario Based Training - learning different situations in flight

Theoretical training based on Cirrus-specific presentations

Simple instrument rating focused on private pilots Competency Based IR

Innovative teaching aids

Innovative teaching tools

Worldwide professionals learn to fly in Cirrus Aircraft

The airliner-like Flight Management System (FMS), standardized procedures and checklists, the parachute system similar to rescue system in fighter aircraft, those are the reasons why these following organizations chose Cirrus as a training platform.

  • Lufthansa Aviation Training + United Aviate Academy (United Airlines) - Fleet total: 66x SR20
  • Airbus Academy - Fleet total: 29x SR20/22
  • Emirates Flight Training Academy - Fleet total: 22x SR22
  • SR22 Western Michigan University - Fleet total: 32x SR20
  • US Airforce - Fleet total: 25x SR20
  • Vincennes University - Fleet total: 8x SR20
  • Oklahoma State University - Fleet total: 6x SR20
  • Japan Civil Aviation College - Fleet total: 30x SR22
  • Purdue University - Fleet total: 16x SR20
  • Aerosim Flight Academy - Fleet total: 34x SR20

United Aviate Academy (United Airlines)




Oklahoma State University

Vincennes University

What do our clients say about us?

Opinions and experiences with Cirrus Aircraft Management from the most professional, from our clients:

„Since the beginning I liked the personal, individual approach of all of you and the complexity of the modern Cirrus Aircraft. I got amazed by standardized training system, the Learning portal, including the following “Stay current”. In this I personally see the biggest advantage, keeping up with the system for my own safety and confidence. Commuting eventually wasn’t such a problem, I always tried to associate 2-3 days of training It allowed me to dedicate those days purely to training, be maximally focused as I had to create enough space in my business schedule. I will be happy to continue training with you, transition to SR22T, NIGHT and IR training.“

David Kasper

„After completing my PPL(A) training and subsequent flying experience on multiple aircraft, I started looking for a way to get the instrument rating. I contacted several companies in Slovakia, but nobody responded to me. I got a birthday present from acquaintances – a demo flight on Cirrus SR22 G5 in Žilina, during which I met the pilot of this plane. He became a good friend of mine and gave me a contact to Cirrus Aircraft in Příbram. After first conversation with Mr. Ing. Dobroslav Chrobak, the owner of the company, I immediately got a solution. Today I am studying for theoretical exams, in CB-IR training and completely transitioned in Cirrus SR20 and Cirrus SR22. I also fly with instructors with airline experience and only in almost new aircraft with the most advanced avionics, technology, and safety-oriented teaching approach. I look forward to next flights and I fully recommend this company to other pilots who want to fulfill their dreams.

Juraj Masaryk

„I appreciate the technological sophistication, safety level and overall attitude of Cirrus Aircraft and its partners to flying. I have an incomparable flying experience against my initial conditions. In no other school, which I had opportunity to fly at, I did not see such emphasis on the quality of training, safety, and the balance between theory and practical flying. In particular, Cirrus accents theoretical fundamentals, which I highly lacked in other flight schools. Lecturers directly from the manufacturer participate in the annual winter training seminars and talk about very interesting topics.“

Leo Gál

„I really appreciated the approach of Cirrus Aircraft lecturers and instructors, who have always adapted to my schedule. As far as our company owns the SR22T, it was clear that I will also train on this type. During the VFR flying, I already knew what a big advantage it is to train on a modern glass cockpit airplane since the beginning. Overall, I consider aviation to be very safe, thanks to high standardization and procedures. I was quite scared when I had the opportunity to compare the level of knowledge of pilots and students from other schools when studying for ICAO and IFR English Exams. Especially in communication and procedures in controlled areas! At that time I realized that Cirrus Aircraft really is the top level. And because “SAFETY FIRST” is always the most important to me, I continue to train for Instrument Rating in the same flight school. I highly recommend!”

Jan Souček

“Although I am no longer twenty, I have been dampening my desire to fly for quite some time and I have tried to orient myself in the market of aircraft and airlines, especially with regard to safety and the company’s serious approach. The selection of the SR22T, of which I am the proud owner today, was relatively quick. Small, agile, powerful and most importantly safe aircraft (not only a parachute, but also a lot of safety assistants). From the beginning, I evaluated that this is an airplane exactly for me, it will practically significantly “shrink” Europe and allow you to experience intoxicating feelings while flying. During the training, I met three instructors, each a little different, and I can responsibly declare that they are people who love flying, professionals who get to you, both the detailed training procedures and their personal experience. But don’t expect them to forgive you in training. Thanks to you and a great plane, a new space in my life has opened up for me. Thank you once again.”

Bronislav H.

I want to personally thank you for everything that Cirrus Aircraft CZ team did for my training. I not only got excellent training from instructors, but I also received so much support from the entire team. Everyone was exceptionally professional and skilled, but also warm and welcoming. You have built a really excellent organization and your team are all stars! As a business owner myself, I know how much effort and skill it takes to build such a great team. I plan to visit Pribram for more training in the near future.

Andreas M.

I just wanted to thank you for possibilities to cooperate with you. Your center looks like from another world, I have never seen such good service of ground staff (I mean aircraft cleaning, refuelling and so on) all details, even such as fridge full of drinks makes top level of service which I couldn´t seen in others European sales centres. Huge respect for that. What about training… Wooow, that 3 days could gave more than weeks of Training in average Flight School. Zoltan is great guy, with very good skills in hand flying. I got a lot of very useful advices from him. It seems that he want to explain as much as he can, and he do it well. But what about Aleš Veselý… I think that there is no easy to describe such wonderful person. It was my honor to meet him. Very big experience, perfect flying skills, he possess whole POH in one finger, demanding person but perfect teacher. I couldn´t imagine to get bettter instructor. So summarising it was one of the best training in my life / or the best.

Karol Bal

See how training or conversion works

Technologically advanced aircraft for basic training

Would you choose a smartphone or an analogue phone as your first mobile device? Certainly the smart one, same with the Cirrus airplane.Lufthansa Aviation Training, US Airforce, Airbus Academy and other professionals teach their students in the aircraft with advanced technologies.

Our Cirrus aircraft combine not only the world-class safety features and technology developed by NASA to protect your life, but also advanced intuitive instrumentation and comfortable controls that allow you to truly enjoy every flight. All of these precision-Cirrus aircraft not only combines the preeminent safety features and technologies developed by NASA to protect our lifes, but also advanced intuitive instrumentation and comfortable controls allow you to truly enjoy every flight. All these precisely processed constructions, design and technological parts of the aircraft will ensure you an enjoyable flight under any circumstances. Progress is unstoppable and you can be sure that Cirrus will continuously innovate and evolve its aircraft, giving the best of the market to offer in this category.

Uncompromising safety

Safety lies in a precisely crafted combination of numerous elements to minimize risk and manage undesirable conditions if they occur. Every detail is a protective layer that consists of innovative systems that move from passive to redundant and then active. Every Cirrus Aircraft SR Series model has been designed with passenger safety in mind, through the purposeful integration of many robust safety measures.

Safety systems and comfort


The result of the development in cooperation with NASA is a “cuffed wing design”. It consists of two profiles, the first (closer to the wing root) allows smooth flight at higher speeds, the second profile (farther from the root of the wing) ensures good flight characteristics and maneuverability during slow flight.


The airbags, which are located directly in the seat belts, help to absorb the impact even more intensively.


Pioneering the standard in safety and famously known as the “plane with the parachute,” Cirrus Aircraft equips every aircraft with its signature Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) — perhaps the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation. No other certified general aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world provides this safety feature as standard equipment. Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission.


Modern passenger protection means that cockpits are built to withstand the most extreme loads. The crew is completely safe in the cockpit and maximally protected against possible impact. All Cirrus aircraft have very high cockpit integrity and passenger protection standards as per regulations. The seats in all Cirrus aircraft are designed for loads up to 26G. They will keep you firmly in place and absorb most impact.


The available air conditioning enables your flying adventures, no matter the weather, with easy access controls for pilot and passenger.


The intuitive flight deck integrates all aircraft system information and external data into a user-friendly interface for maximum situational awareness and pilot workload reduction.


An angle of attack indicator offers a indication of the amount of lift the wing is generating at a given airspeed or angle of bank.

Safety systems and comfort

Smart technology


Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Terrain Awareness and Warning System, Current weather information, Phone

Automatic descending mode in case of hypoxia

Air conditioning

Digital autopilot, LVL, ESP

Blue Level Button for an additional layer of safety, Electronic Stability Program

Go-Around mode

Smart technology

Always ready.

NEW COURSE: SR series emergency and abnormal situations

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