Any questions?

Isn't it better to do cheap training in a local club on an older Czech plane with classic "steam gauge panel" and then just retrain?

The advantages of training on a Cirrus aircraft in an audited Cirrus Training Center with experienced instructors are undeniable. You will get to know the aircraft and its Cirrus systems and procedures perfectly during basic training. You do not need any major retraining. Your flying will be much safer thanks to experience directly on the Cirrus type and your eventual training for instrument flights will be much easier and more efficient. You only focus on the procedures for the devices. Your next flights will be much safer. This important factor will be especially appreciated by your family members, who will feel much safer. From the beginning, the Cirrus Approach Portal uses the material part of the aircraft and also iFOM - the electronic Flight Operation Manual. Instructors are standardized according to the Circus Aircraft manufacturer's TCI (Training Center Instructor) course to ensure the highest level of flight safety and training quality. In general, the paper described is difficult to rewrite, thus training in another training facility is not cheaper and is not safer. From experience, we can recommend intensive training with us directly at Cirrus, where the student devotes all day or several days in a row only to flying and does not have to care about work matters. This has a major impact on the safety and quality of training and the simplification of later training.

Do I have to have a pilot's license?

You do not need to have a pilot's license as the owner, we will be happy to offer you a trained safety pilot or instructor as part of the CIRRUS WORRY FREE OWNERSHIP operation. You can also have your "coachman", a family corporate pilot who will take care of your plane and fly with you according to your needs.

What if I'm located outside of Prague?

We operate several aircraft for "non-Prague" owners, either as an initial support before they get the necessary licenses, learn to take care of the aircraft independently or before we train a pilot for them. However, we also have permanently based aircraft in Příbram and we will always pick up the owner at his place of residence according to requirements. In annual costs, overflight costs are balanced by professional care for the aircraft, utilization of its free capacity and reduction of annual fixed costs and a better price of fleet insurance.

Is it true that in a smaller plane it shakes more and will it make me feel sick? I have this experience of a sightseeing flight.

The majority of Cirrus travel flights take place at an altitude of 2-3 km, where there is a minimum of adverse events, but it is mostly with the highest comfort. Turbulence happens mainly due to the heating of the earth from the sun and the subsequent radiation of the earth in the form of rising currents, or in strong winds due to the flow of obstacles. They cause turbulence (swaying of the plane), during sightseeing flights low above the ground. A pressurized cabin is not required for regular sightseeing flights. If you need to fly high due to icing, storm or turbulence, it is possible to use oxygen cannulas, which are still quite comfortable.

I heard Cirrus is not allowed on the grass. Is that true?

Cirrus has all the procedures for the so-called SOFTFIELD LANDING AND TAKEOFF described in the flight manual. Cirrus SR2X normally flies to grassy airports with a runway length of about 800 m, which is its advantage over large aircraft. It is possible to pick up or land near the venue, thus saving valuable time by traveling through the center of a congested city or by long commute.

Is it true that Cirrus has a parachute because it can't spin?

Cirrus has a CAPS parachute rescue system primarily for otherwise unsolvable situations, such as a collision with another aircraft in flight, or engine shutdown in case of inability to land at the airport, especially in bad weather or at night. In the event of a fall into an unusual position, the US FAA has recommended changing the flight manual for selecting a spin in the conventional manner, but using the CAPS in the event of a fall in an unusual position or a spin. The chances of an amateur pilot recognizing and selecting a spin or other unusual position in time are very low. They occur low above the ground during takeoff or landing, with no chance of retrieval. Everything is described in the book STALL and SPIN AWARENESS by Richard Stowel, where NASA test pilots with small planes and also with Cirrus flew spin. Cirrus selects a spin by default, like all normal aircraft, from all modes. You can recognize aircraft that have a problem with picking a spin by the various fences, especially under the tail of the aircraft.

Is it true that a twin-engine plane is safer because the second engine can be reached ?

This statement is true only in two pilot operations of professional pilots with regular 6-month refresher training, when in the event of one engine being shut down, one pilot flies and the other solves the fault. An ordinary non-professional pilot does not have a chance to safely manage the ensigning of the so-called dead engine and to manage the asymmetric thrust in the event of a failure of the power unit. The veracity of this statement is evidenced by the statistics of aircraft sales in GA (General Aviation), the so-called GAMA report. There is almost a 90% predominance of single-engine aircraft for own corporate transport. Twin-engine aircraft are used for training only. In general: the second engine - the second problem, twice the cost of maintenance / operation, twice the probability of engine shutdown. When shutting down one power unit, you also have a "box" of resistance on the sash, which the live engine must tighten. Most twin-engine aircraft are not capable of flying a single engine at higher - normal cruising levels. They have to go down so that the second engine has enough power, so they can't fly over significant mountain massifs like other single-engine planes. If the Cirrus engine shuts down, you can use a rescue parachute system that will safely carry you to the ground.

Are diesel engines cheaper? They have low consumption and cheap fuel.

It is true that diesel engines have lower fuel costs, but that's where their benefits end. Diesel engines are developed from a car engine from Mercedes A, with a permanently high speed (approx. 3500 rpm on the shaft) and thus the need for a gearbox to "slow" to reduce the propeller speed. All types must have a turbocharger for sufficient power and even so, their altitude characteristics are very weak, especially when flying on a single engine (approximately 6000 ft). For the more powerful twin-engine "diesels", they guarantee a single-engine access of about 13,000 ft, but at the cost of a lower take-off weight of 300 kg. All have a control unit called FADEC, which is often the source faults, as it has no backup (FADEC 2) or manual control in the event of a so-called "overcontrol" fault. FADEC was also the source of the fatal accident, when when the voltage dropped when closing the chassis, it evaluated the engine as a shutdown of the engines with the need for automatic flagging of both engines. Their lower primary operating costs are outweighed by significantly higher maintenance costs of reducers (GO 300-600) and the impossibility of making a GO, but the need to replace it with a new engine for the price of 2/3 of a new engine at about 1200 to 1600h. Their high weight causes problems with front centering, especially for twin-engine aircraft. The water circuit needed to cool the detonation motor is a potential source of failure in the event of a leak. Diesel engines must be filled with JET A1 fuel, which is not available at most small airports. They are generally said to be overengineered. Cirrus has certified SMA DIESEL even under EASA, but its predominance of disadvantages and small potential market did not ultimately lead to the start of series production. The proof is GAMA reports, numbers of sold / delivered aircraft.

Is there an import duty or VAT on the price of the aircraft?

If the buyer is an entity with VAT registration and resident in the Czech Republic, the aircraft is taken over outside the European Union (in the USA on the basis of a power of attorney), the price of the aircraft does not include transport cost (flight from the USA). Sale of an aircraft in the USA with trade clause EXW, that is especially without transport, is not subject to VAT in the country according to the valid law about VAT. Import and customs clearance of the aircraft takes place as part of complex services - the so-called DELIVERY PACKAGE (FLIGHT, CLEARANCE, REGISTRATION…). There is no import duty for a civil aircraft according to the applicable laws. From a tax point of view, the service of an aircraft is similar to a car, it is a mean of transport with all the tax benefits, or an investment and a "business" plan.

How is it possible to finance the aircraft?

Aircraft are well-liquid goods with a small loss of value, so it is not a problem to finance aircraft from 20% down payment for 5 to 8 years. Financing a company that understands and has experience in aircraft is important. We will be happy to arrange financing for you with proven leasing or credit companies, and we will be involved in financing as a business partner - importer or operator.

What is the drop in the price of an aircraft? How to perceive the investment in Cirrus? How is an aircraft depreciated?

According to analyzes of price declines in recent years, the loss of value of Cirrus aircraft has been around 20% in 6 years, including generational change with significant innovation (SR22T GTS G5-G6). Compared to the car market, it is a significantly lower decline of the value of the investment, so it is well-invested money with a small decline in value. However, the decline is affected by many factors that are difficult to predict. Aircraft are the second depreciation group in the Czech Republic. Depreciation is given by some clients as a counterweight to the loss of value of the aircraft. Investing in Cirrus is perceived by most owners as an investment in their precious time, which they can spend with their family or rest and sleep more in their own bed.

Do you also import "used airplanes" ?? Is it worthwhile for me to import a "used airplane" like a car?

We do the import of used aircraft, given the usually low drop in the price of Cirrus aircraft (5-10% the first year), the import of a used aircraft is more or less meaningless. Add import / overflight, EASA registration equipment, pre-purchase inspection process, completion of EASA mandatory newsletters, importer service and you’d get close to the price of a new aircraft. Regarding the risk of importing a "used airplane", add an unknown history of aircraft operation (engine work, hard landings, etc.) and eventual maintenance by the pilot owner. In several states, aircraft for private purposes are considered ultralight aircraft, where the pilot owner can do the maintenance himself. Would you get on a plane like this with your family? The worse condition of the aircraft compared to the photos is often disappointing. You can configure the new aircraft in your own colors, you know its history, you have full guarantees (min. 3 years / 1000h). Delivery times of new aircraft are in matter of months.

What if I fly only occasionally? What if I don't make full use of the plane?

In case of small use of the aircraft, we will be happy to offer you the use of the aircraft for our needs of demonstration flights or instrument training, etc. in the form of rental. The aircraft is piloted only by our standardized pilots / instructors. We do not lend aircraft publicly to maintain the highest level of safety and condition of the aircraft. It all depends on the agreed terms, which can be fully adapted to your needs or even modified over time. Another possible option is a co-ownership of the aircraft. However, this option is rare in our country, because the benefits of a smaller investment end on the first summer weekend, when both co-owners want to fly to the sea.

Can I rent a plane from you?

Leasing an aircraft to a third party for commercial purposes for traditional air taxi is subject to operation in the form of legal certification and the issuance of an air operator's certificate (AOC - AIR OPERATOR CERTIFICATE). For single-engine piston aircraft, this is more or less impossible, impractical (VFR DEN only) and uneconomical. According to aviation lawyers and the supervising Civil Aviation Authority, all leases of aircraft with a pilot, where the operator does not have an AOC, are illegal. Another problem is aircraft insurance, where the aircraft can be used only for purposes for which the operator is certified (e.g. ATO - AVIATION SCHOOL). Otherwise, you risk reducing the insured event and being punished by law.

What are the benefits of the service by us?

The benefits serviced by us as a dealer are indisputable, which is why we are the second largest operator in Europe today. The aircraft operated by us are kept in a "top" condition. We solve and analyze all, even the smallest defects with an effective system of registration and troubleshooting in the subsequent service. We have our own "fleet" manager, a technician with extensive experience in maintenance. Only pilots retrained according to the manufacturer's curriculum and standardization instructors according to the manufacturer's special training fly with the aircraft. Aircraft, which are also hangared in our country, are handled only by handling specialists and instructors, who always prepare the aircraft for the pilot or owner according to the assignment. We are fully responsible for any damages. Aircraft operated by us have other benefits in the form of reduced fuel costs, cheaper fleet insurance. In case of maintenance or sudden failure, our advantage is a back-up aircraft. Another indisputable advantage is the possibility to reduce the annual fixed costs by using the aircraft in the form of lease for our demonstration flights or training. In the event of a later sale, the aircraft operated by the dealer in the "top" condition has a higher sales value even after several hundred hours.

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