ICAO English assessment

  • Conversation on a general topic
  • Explanation of technical terms
  • Reading abbreviations and numbers using aviation phraseology
  • Message decoding: METAR, TAF or NOTAM
  • Analysis and description of an image with an aviation theme
  • Listening to the ATIS message followed by a readback
  • Communication with ATC during the simulated flight according to the scenario

Assessed areas

Examiners evaluate language proficiency level during the exam in six language areas:

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency of speech
  • Understanding
  • Interaction


Each area is evaluated with Level 1 to 6. The lowest value of all language areas is the final result of the entire examination - ICAO English Level.

Levels and Validity of the ICAO English exam

ICAO Level 4 - Operational Level - valid for 4 years (minimum operational level of language competence)

ICAO Level 5 – Extended Level – valid for 6 years

ICAO Level 6 – Expert Level – unlimited validity (no expiration)


Certifikát o úspěšném absolvování zkoušky
Certificate of an approved organisation