Alternatively, this requirement can be met by:

  • completing a training course (IR(A)/CBIR(A)/BIR(A)) in English or passing theoretical exams in English
  • and passing the IR skill test, during which two-way R/T communication took place in English language. The examiner will confirm such examination into applicant´s logbook and exam protocol.

IFR English Assessment

The examination consists of two parts:

  • written test (max. 30 min.) – after successful completion, the applicant continues to the oral part
  • oral part – conversation on a general topic, listening to an ATIS, reading and comprehension of technical aviation publication, use of aviation maps, departure and arrival charts.

Validity of the IFR English exam

The result of the IFR English exam is pass/fail. After successful completion, the exam has unlimited validity. The examination must be completed before obtaining the instrument qualification.